Why Burglary Insurance?

Burglary Insurance policy provides financial compensation against loss or damage to property contained in your premises by acts of Burglary.


What is covered?

Burglary Insurance covers property contained in your premises, stocks/goods owned by you or held in trust and/or commission. It also covers cash, valuables, securities kept in a locked safe or cash box in locked steel cupboard on specific request.

The policy covers the property against loss/damage by burglary/house breaking. It also covers damage to your premises caused by burglars during burglary or attempts at burglary. The Policy pays actual loss/damage to your insured property caused by burglary/house breaking subject to the limit of Sum Insured.



First loss insurance policies are useful for businesses with a large amount of inventory, but little risk of large-scale theft. By insuring only a portion of their property, the policyholder pays lower premiums while still receiving some level of protection. In exchange for the insurance company allowing the policyholder to under-insure their property, the insured agrees to accept a payout moderately less than the full value of stolen assets. For example, if a warehouse has $1 million worth of goods, but the probability of thieves stealing more than $100,000 worth of goods at one time is small, then a first loss insurance policy could be ideal.

Actual Cash Value (ACV)

The insurer will cover the cost to repair or replace the stolen property, minus depreciation.

Agreed Value (AV)

The insurer will pay the agreed value amount both of you agreed on when signing the contract.



With over 40 years of cumulative experience in the financial sector, our team is well equipped to carefully analyze your specific requirements and tailor our advice to match your particular circumstances with the best coverage/cost solutions available on the market.


Unlike other intermediaries, we believe in not charging our clients a fee and we are reimbursed by the insurer. The premium you pay is the same as working directly with the insurer and in some cases lower.


We offer you a full assistance in preparing and submitting your claims at our own cost for a fast and pro-active processing. Once your reimbursement is ready, simply select your preferred method of payment (cash, cheque, transfer) for a prompt settlement.


Our multilingual team is available around the clock to make sure you’re perfectly looked after in case of emergency hospitalization and/or medical evacuation.

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